Program Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the Filipino Language and Cultural Orientation Program for Guest Workers, brought to you as a social concern by PAGCOR, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. 

This program is designed to help make your work and living here in the Philippines productive, safe, and enjoyable.

This course covers many topics. 

In the language modules, you will learn basic English and Filipino, the two languages used by nearly everyone in the Philippines, so that you may communicate easily with others as you work and explore your new home.

The program will also provide lessons on Filipino history and culture, including common customs and etiquette observed in business settings and when meeting other people. 

You will also be given orientation on important rules and regulations related to your work here, so that you may avoid misunderstandings and be successful. Topics in these lessons include basic laws that apply to foreign workers in the Philippines, the regulations of PAGCOR concerning offshore gaming operations, and how to recognize and prevent harmful activities such as money-laundering, fraud, and irresponsible gambling.

We are glad you have chosen to live and work in the Philippines, and we hope that this program will help to make your stay here a happy and memorable experience.